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knowing better ...

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Food Safety and Quality



Animal Care


There are few jobs more important than caring for and raising pigs to provide safe, quality pork to feed your family.

Because the pork we make is served on tables around the world, we foster a culture of asking why to make sure we are raising pigs for food the best way we know how.

From our pig farmers to our quality assurance team, our people continuously evaluate how to do things better.

As part of our commitment to you, we want to share more information on what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

Watch Seaboard Foods “Doing Better By Knowing Better: Sow Comfort & Housing” video.
You may have questions about pig farming and as we spend our days with these animals, we want to give you answers. We often get questions about pig housing and how we house our mother pigs in particular. Animal CareTune in as a member of our team, full-time veterinarian Rebecca Robbins, gives you a tour of a Seaboard Foods sow barn. You’ll learn how farm employees are trained to tell when a pig is comfortable and what works best for the animals. You’ll see both the individual pens (also called gestation crates) and open pen housing (also called group pens) we use at Seaboard Foods.

Watch the video.

For more information on sow housing, read our 2012 Sustainability Report.

Sustainability & Stewardship: Our never-ending commitment
This report provides information about Seaboard Foods' six core commitments.

Our Business Conduct Commitment

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