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Farms Focused on Raising Healthy Pigs

The best way to produce nutritious, quality pork is keeping pigs healthy, safe and comfortable.

Seaboard Foods manages every aspect of our farm operations with oversight of the entire production process, including genetics, nutrition and animal welfare. Our team of veterinarians, farm managers and employees maintain a comprehensive animal care program to keep our pigs healthy and comfortable. In addition to our own robust protocols, we train our teams in animal care standards set by the North American Meat Institute, National Pork Board and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, so we know our pigs are cared for in the best way.

Seaboard Foods’ farms in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas supply animals to the Guymon, Oklahoma, and Sioux City, Iowa, processing plant. Our connected system partners supply animals to processing plants in St. Joseph, Missouri, and Sioux City, Iowa.

364,000 Sows Owned
503 Company-Owned Farms Over 357 Contract Farms *

100% of our pigs can be traced to their finishing farm home *

*2022 Seaboard Foods Sustainability Highlight Report

Specialized Farms for Each Stage of a Pig’s Life

  • Sow Barns – These facilities are separated by function for breeding, gestation and farrowing. We breed our pigs based on genetic science and monitor sows throughout pregnancy, birth and nursing to give piglets the best start.
  • Nursery Barns – Weaned piglets are cared for to grow healthy and strong until they weigh about 45 pounds.
  • Finishing Barns – Pigs grow here, closely monitored by a farm manager, until they reach market weight, about 290 pounds.
see the entire step-by-step process of raising pigs for pork