USDA Process Verified

When you purchase fresh pork products from Seaboard Foods, you become part of an industry-leading connected food system that supports quality control production at every step. Our control points are USDA Process Verified* to make sure you receive only the finest fresh pork products.

Seaboard Foods USDA Process Verified points include:

  1. Meat Quality
  2. Source Verification
  3. Animal Handling

Meat Quality ​

Seaboard Foods continuously evaluates its pork products for meat quality attributes. A proprietary plant process improves meat quality attributes like color, texture and moisture-holding capacity.

Source Verification

Pork products can be traced back to source farms through a source verification system.

Animal Handling

Seaboard Foods is committed to the proper in-plant handling of animals prior to slaughter for both animal welfare and meat quality reasons. Ongoing, daily animal handling plant audits and employee training ensure proper animal treatment.

The USDA Process Verified program allows Seaboard Foods to make marketing claims that assures our customers of our ability to provide consistent quality pork products. To operate a USDA Process Verified Program, Seaboard Foods went through a rigorous application process, which included having the USDA verify documentation of practices related to meat quality, animal handling and source verification through third-party, independent audits.

The USDA Process Verification Program uses the International Organization for Standardizations ISO 9000 series standards for documented quality management systems as a format for evaluating program documentation to ensure consistent auditing practices.

For more information about the USDA Process Verified Program, visit the USDA AMS Audit, Review and Compliance Branch USDA Process Verified Program Web page.

*Statements apply to Guymon, St. Joseph and Sioux City plants.