Delivering for our Customers

Everything we do at Seaboard Foods is done with our customers, consumers and employees in mind. As a connected company, we actively manage and control every aspect of our operations to provide high-quality, consistent and delicious pork. We continuously invest in improvements from before the farm to beyond the fork, and as a fully connected company we are uniquely able to test and learn. With us, our customers and consumers can be confident we’re committed to bringing quality to your table.

Long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers are our goal. We strive to build trusted partnerships by providing consistent quality and value. We actively listen to our customers' needs – both on a daily basis through our conversations, as well as through an annual customer survey – and we work to ensure our professional sales representatives and top management are always available for real-time feedback and response.

Open and Transparent

The pork business is ever-evolving. Regulatory changes, shifts in consumer preferences and intensified scrutiny demand that we be open and transparent about what we do, how we do it and why we do it, and we know it's the right thing to do. To help our customers ensure their pork is safe, as well as humanely raised, we offer our customers an open invitation to tour our farms and our plants – an offer that many of our domestic and international customers take us up on as they regularly audit our operations when pandemic conditions permit. We are also committed to proactively addressing common questions about how our pork is raised through our "Doing Better by Knowing Better" video series, which currently covers:

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of the high-tech systems in the world mean nothing if customers don't receive the pork products they need when they need them. To that end, we fill orders for our customers with a promise of on-time delivery, and we work to make sure what we deliver meets customer specifications each and every time. If our customers are not satisfied, we're not satisfied. And to ensure our end consumers are happy with our pork they purchase from the store, we offer a 100% consumer satisfaction guarantee for Prairie Fresh® pork products.

Trusted Partner

Seaboard Foods works closely with all of our customers to meet their needs – and the needs of their consumers, as well. We continuously cultivate research on our farms and in our plants, and share our findings with our customers as we collaborate on new product development. We monitor emerging food trends and develop fresh new ideas backed by proprietary research and development. We share our customers' focus on improved sustainability practices from our plant and farm operations, to our packaging, energy usage and animal care. Through our hard work and dedication, we hope to earn and retain customer and consumer trust.