Our Commitment to Food Safety & Quality

At Seaboard Foods, we feed people, and there are few jobs more important than that. That's why, when it comes to safety and quality improvements at our facilities, we constantly question practices, analyze how we do things and support research to find even better ways. And we don't hesitate to invest in improvements from before the farm to beyond the fork to ensure we always supply consistent, high-quality pork for our customers and consumers. Key safety and quality processes at Seaboard Foods are USDA Process Verified through a rigorous series of third-party, independent audits to provide an added level of assurance.

Superior Genetics

It all starts in the breeding barns, where our genetic experts select for the optimum genetic performance. We set strict genetic requirements and conduct ongoing, in-depth genetic research. Our emphasis on science allows us to produce pork with consistent appearance, texture, marbling and flavor. With Seaboard Foods, our customers and consumers can be confident in receiving high-quality pork with consistent attributes.

Customized Nutrition

Working with animal nutritionists, we've developed 15 proprietary grain-based rations, as well as specially formulated vitamin packs, that help to support pig health and optimize the color, consistency, tenderness and flavor of our pork. We take pride in offering high-quality pork that meets our customer needs and consumer preferences.

Grain-Based Diets

Our staff of trained nutritionists takes great care developing up to 15 proprietary grain-based diets to provide the energy, protein, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins pigs need to stay healthy and strong.

Vitamins and Minerals

We've developed a special mix of vitamins and minerals that is specifically tailored for our pigs. These vitamins and minerals keep our pigs healthy, reducing the need for the use of therapeutic medications while producing nutrient-rich pork with better color and texture.

Feed and Water

Our pigs raised for market have 24-hour access to feed and clean, fresh water, allowing them to drink and eat when they want.

Food Safety Practices

Our end goal is producing safe, high-quality pork for our customers and consumers. We know it's not enough to say our strict Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) protocols and practices meet both government and industry standards. We strive to exceed them. Our teams know – and we want to be sure our customers and consumers know, as well – that if there's a better way to create high-quality, safe pork, we're doing it.

Advanced Processing

We have one of the newest, large-scale pork processing plants in the industry, where we employ the technology and USDA Process Verified control points to produce safe, delicious and nutritious pork.